Patient Stories

Mike Roberts' Hearing Health Journey at York Hearing Clinic


Professional, courteous and really listen to your concerns

Mark became aware of his hearing loss while teaching his students.

He says, “As a high school science teacher, I noticed that I kept asking students to repeat their questions, especially the female students with higher pitched voices.” This realization unleashed a host of concerns and unsettling emotions prior to visiting York Hearing Clinic.

Mark explains, “I was embarrassed and self-conscious of my newfound hearing loss. How long did I have this condition, and could something be done to help the situation?

“The biggest fear was that I might not be recommended for a set of hearing aids that I had researched and were Bluetooth compatible with my phone and rechargeable. A different clinic had recommended a set of hearing aids that were not very ‘high tech’!

“My other concern was around expertise and programming the hearing aids to my specific prescription,” he continues. “All my fears were laid to rest after visiting York Hearing Clinic!”

Mark was impressed with the clinic’s wealth of information and the team’s friendly approach. He says, “Mike was welcoming, and the office had lots of sample hearing aids and current literature on display. Mike immediately put me at ease after I explained my concerns. He was an expert on all the latest technology in hearing aids. Mike knew of the hearing aids I had researched before, thought they would be a good match and also offered me a trial period with them if they didn’t work out!”

Mark is delighted with the way his new hearing aids have reconnected him to his environment. “After getting over my initial insecurities of what my colleagues thought of me wearing hearing aids at my age, I have learned that the everyday benefits they provide me far outweigh any drawbacks,” he says.

“I have come to realize that they are an extension of my body and are no different than any other disability. They provide me the confidence to interact with people at work again,” he shares. “In fact, I enjoy listening to music and making phone calls using them and most people don’t even realize I am wearing hearing aids!”

Mark gives York Hearing Clinic a 10/10 rating. Elaborating on why they deserve such high praise, he says, “I highly recommend York Hearing Clinic! They are professional, courteous and really listen to your concerns.

“Mike provides excellent suggestions and I trust his judgment and skill when selecting and programming new hearing aids. When my hearing aids need to be serviced from time to time, I know I can drop in and they will take care of me!”

He continues, “You will not regret the choice to allow the professionals at York Hearing Clinic the opportunity to help you select the right hearing aids for you!

“My favourite thing about working with York Hearing Clinic is that I always feel welcome, and I know that Mike and I are always on the same page when it comes to selecting new hearing aids and adjusting them as my hearing prescription changes.”

Mark adds, “I feel Mike and I could talk about hearing aids for hours and he would answer all my questions and then some!”


Mark Roberts

Cathy Bartolic's Hearing Health Journey at York Hearing Clinic


You have nothing to lose.”

Cathy was struggling with her husband’s hearing loss, which she says “came on gradually.”

She explains, “It took literally years for me to convince my husband that he should at least get his hearing tested. It was really affecting communications in our marriage.”

Cathy learned about York Hearing Clinic from a friend. “I got Mike’s contact information from a friend who had recently got some hearing aids and was very happy with the product and the service Mike and the team provided,” she continues. “Right from the start, Mike seemed to understand our situation and was patient, professional and informative every step of the way. Mike takes the time to make you feel comfortable by answering all your questions and explaining each step as you go through it.”

Cathy’s husband is currently waiting to receive his new hearing aids, but she is certain “it will be a very positive change.”

Rating the clinic a 10/10, she advises others, “You have nothing to lose. Take a bit of time and get tested at York Hearing Clinic. I guarantee it will be a positive experience.”


Cathy Bartolic

Deborah Halls' Hearig Health Journey at York Hearing Clinic


I could not function without them.

Deborah was concerned that her hearing loss would negatively change her life forever.

“My family and friends began to notice and I felt they were sometimes frustrated. I hated that,” she recalls.“I felt like I was missing out on important moments. I was worried that I would have to live a more simplified life and that my career would be affected.”

Hoping to get her hearing back on track, Deborah made an appointment with York Hearing Clinic. ”My first impressions were that they are very caring and good at listening to my issues and matching appropriate hearing devices to allow me to live the way I was accustomed,” she says.

Deborah says her new devices have helped her “incredibly” and comments, “I could not function without them.”

Rating York Hearing Clinic a 10/10, she advises potential patients, “Do not look any further if you need hearing support. At York Hearing Clinic, the staff there are so empathic and supportive. They help you to consider your options, let you try things out and are always there to help you troubleshoot. It’s a team and you are a part of it,” she says.

“They genuinely want you to be able to live to your full potential in terms of hearing. They never make you feel bad for coming to them for support. It’s not just buy them and you’re done with them,” she continues.“They will continue to be a part of your hearing support throughout your journey.They are always researching and up to date in the latest technology. My favourite thing is I feel like they really truly care about your well-being.”


Deborah Halls

Terry Gosnell's Hearing Health Jourey at York Hearing Clinic


Great bunch of people

Describing what it’s like living with a hearing loss and seeking treatment, Terry says, ”It creeps up on you.Then one day, you will be asking people to repeat things. Also, it sounds like everyone is mumbling.

“You are walking into the unknown when reaching out, but the concerns were washed away once starting to go through the hearing tests in the quiet room.”

Upon visiting York Hearing Clinic, Terry found a “great bunch of people from the receptionist to the hearing advisor.”

The hearing aids Terry was prescribed are equally impressive. Now Terry enjoys “more conversations with people and awareness of things around me” and adds that “music listening is also fantastic.”
Rating York Hearing Clinic a 10/10, Terry encourages others, “Just go! It is non-invasive and does not cost anything to get the test.”


Terry Gosnell

Gord Crawford's Hearing Health Journey at York Hearing Clinic


Mike and his staff are great

Gord became aware of his hearing loss “about ten years ago.” He says at the time, “I was simply looking for a way to take part in conversations without saying, ‘Could you repeat that?’”

When Gord turned to York Hearing Clinic for his care, he was immediately impressed with the “great reception from Mike and his staff.” He says, “Mike explained the process and simply got to it.”

Referring to his current hearing aids, Gord shares, “I’ve been happy with my latest set. I think they are about 3 years old.”

Gord highly recommends the clinic, saying, “You are well served by choosing York Hearing Clinic. Mike and his staff are great.By explaining the process and the different products, York Hearing makes the process painless.”

He plans to stay put with York Hearing. “I will go back for my next set.Mike likes to listen to LPs,” Gord says. “It’s great to chat about that. It is a very friendly environment.”

Gord rates York Hearing Clinic a 10/10.


Gord Crawford


No more lip reading

Robert says his hearing loss “came on gradually about 35 years ago.” Tests revealed he had a “noise-induced hearing loss” in his left ear.

Despite trying hearing aids, Robert says they “didn’t work to my satisfaction,” and he “learned to live with it.”

Fast forward to the present when Robert decided to give York Hearing Clinic a try. He admits he “didn’t think it would work,” but he soon discovered the complete opposite!

Upon visiting the clinic, Robert says the team was “very friendly, confident and professional.” As for life with his new hearing aids, he shares, “It’s been great. No more lip reading.”

Rating York Hearing Clinic a 10/10, he advises others to “go for it.” He adds that it’s “great to hear clearly again.”


Robert Deugo


Very good

When Charles experienced an ear infection and cracked eardrum, he turned to York Hearing Clinic for help. The clinic was recommended to him, and he says he had “a good feeling” about his appointment.

Describing his care as “very good,” Charles doesn’t hesitate in “highly recommending to work with Mike Foulis.” He gives York Hearing Clinic a 10/10 rating.


Charles Goldberg


Caring and knowledgeable

Rose found herself asking people “to repeat their question” more frequently. Concerned about her hearing, she made an appointment with York Hearing Clinic despite her fears “that I would lose them and that would get expensive.”

According to Rose, the York team was“caring and knowledgeable” as they assessed her hearing and worked to find the right solution for her, and she now trusts them “with any improvements” that are needed.

With her new hearing aids, Rose says, “I feel more connected to the people I meet.” Rating York Hearing Clinic a 10/10, she says the clinic is “a perfect place to be treated for deafness.”


Rose Marie Scott


Hearing aids opened my communication with the world

Recounting his hearing loss experience, George says, “My hearing loss began many years ago, working in a busy shop and not wearing ear protection. I often asked people to repeat themselves.”

Although George had visited other hearing clinics, he didn’t experience much improvement in his hearing. Then, when he visited York Hearing Clinic, George found himself impressed with their “professional testing and recommendation of behind the ear devices.”

Now he is enjoying the benefits of hearing aids and is also impressed with “the update visits after sale” that’s part of York’s continuing care.

George rates York Hearing Clinic a 10/10 and says he would gladly tell others “about my positive experience.” He adds, “Hearing aids opened my communication with the world, especially my family and friends.”




Friendly, helpful and reassuring

Coming to terms with a hearing loss can be just as challenging as living with it.
Doug recalls, “My hearing loss was gradual such that it was awhile before I would admit it to myself. I associated my hearing loss with old age which I did not want to recognize.”

Prior to visiting York Hearing Clinic, he says, “My biggest concern was the stigma of wearing hearing aids.” However, Doug remembers that the team was “friendly, helpful and reassuring.”

Doug was prescribed hearing aids, and now all of his concerns are gone. “You would have to break my arm before giving up my hearing. It only took a few days to realize the improvement in life quality,” he says.

Doug rates York Hearing Clinic a 10/10 and says he especially likes the “professional service” he received. “There is a free trial period. Just go and try it out,” he encourages others.


Doug Jagger


I can now hear what others are saying

Mary Lou says she questioned her hearing ability when her son asked “if I needed the TV that loud.” It was then she realized she may need hearing aids.

As Mary Lou’s husband was already a patient at York Hearing Clinic, she had no reservations about making an appointment. During her visit, Mary Lou says the team was “friendly and professional” as they assessed her hearing.

Mary Lou’s hearing has drastically improved, thanks to her new hearing aids. “I now hear what others are saying and can participate in conversations,” she says. Additionally, she notes, “The tinnitus I was having has disappeared.”

Giving York Hearing Clinic a 10/10 rating, Mary Lou comments, “I have and will continue to recommend it.”


Mary Lou Gravelle


Make the change for yourself

Bob made an appointment with York Hearing Clinic soon after the signs of hearing loss began to appear. That’s not to say that “giving into the fact that I was getting older and that hearing loss was normal” was easy for Bob to come to terms with.

“My wife and my daughters told me that I was having difficulty hearing them and I noticed that I had to crank the volume on the television,” he recalls.

“My experience [at York Hearing Clinic] was very positive and Mike put me at ease right from the get-go.My hearing aids have made a dramatic change in my life and in my family’s life,” continues Bob.

He rates York Hearing Clinic a 10/10, giving special kudos to “the friendly and caring staff at both locations.” To anyone considering making an appointment, Bob advises, ”Try to put your vanity aside and make the change for yourself.”


Bob Thivierge


Very helpful and patient

When Walter found he “had to ask people to repeat the question again,” he turned to York Hearing Clinic for his care.

From the beginning, he felt “very relaxed when I spoke with Mike” and says that Mike has “always been very helpful and patient” whenever he had a question about his hearing aids.

With his devices, Walter says it is “easier to follow the conversation.” Giving York Hearing Clinic a 10/10 rating, he suggests potential patients should “Make an appointment and check it out.”


Walter Mann


York Hearing Clinic is the best.

Hearing loss unfortunately seems to run in Sue’s family.

Sue says, “My dad was very hard of hearing. My brother and I both had hearing problems growing up. My mum and my other two brothers were fine.”

Finding out she had a hearing loss “was hard.” Sue says, “I didn’t want anyone to know.”
Yet she had no worries prior to visiting York Hearing Clinic, as she “had heard great things about them.”

At her initial appointment, Sue found the team “very professional and helpful.” She felt they “listened and talked directly to me answering my questions.” Sue continues, “They listen to your concerns regarding hearing loss and give you the answers you need to your next step.”

She particularly liked “the care and attention that is given during the hearing exam and the help in choosing the best hearing aids for your hearing loss.”

As for Sue’s new hearing aids, she says, “They have made a HUGE difference in social and business areas for me. I can now hear all that is being said.”

Rating York Hearing Clinic a 10/10, she says she would tell potential patients that “York Hearing Clinic is the best.”


Sue Templeton


You will be amazed

For Phyllis, hearing loss has been a lifelong struggle that only recently became resolved at York Hearing Clinic.

Phyllis shares, “I have had issues with my hearing since I was a young kid. As an adult, I used to get embarrassed when I had to have someone repeat something more than once, or if I misinterpreted something that was said to me.

“As I reached my fifties, I began to notice that I couldn’t hear people on the phone clearly and the television volume had to be increased, but that didn’t necessarily help with clarity.

“When I had to look for new employment, I knew I had to do something about my hearing loss, as my jobs all entailed a lot of phone work.”

Prior to visiting York Hearing Clinic, Phyllis had several concerns. “My biggest worry was the cost, as I was unemployed at the time, and I was concerned that people would have a preconceived impression about me if they saw my hearing aids during job interviews,” she says.“There are a lot of people that equate hearing loss solely with ‘elderly’ people.”

During her initial appointment, Phyllis found the York team “very friendly, informative and helpful.” Her only regret is not seeking treatment earlier.

“I have always said that I should have bought them many years earlier because I could now hear sounds that I hadn’t noticed in years (birds chirping, turn signal in my car),” she says.

Phyllis is also impressed with the modern technology.“They made a world of difference on the phones at home and work,” she notes.“Attaching an amplifier to the phones helped the aids with clarity. The Bluetooth connection to my cell phone gives me so much better clarity and volume, and I find that I enjoy television so much more with the direct streaming to my aids.”

Rating York Hearing Clinic a 10/10, Phyllis advises prospective patients, “Just go! At least you’ll get your hearing assessed and there is no sales pressure. If you need hearing aids, you will be amazed at the difference they make!Mike is friendly and patientand will gladly sort out any issues you may have with your aids.”




There was no sales pressure at all

When Kathy decided to seek help for her hearing loss, her main concern was “Where would I go to get checked?” Besides finding a hearing care provider she could trust, she says, “I was worried I wouldn’t be able to afford a good pair of hearing aids.”

Upon visiting York Hearing Clinic, Kathy’s qualms were soon put to rest. “Mike was so kind and explained everything to me that I could understand,” she says.“There was no sales pressure at all, which I really appreciated.”

According to Kathy, other positives about York include the ability to “get appointments easily and their knowledge of what is best for your individual needs.”

Overall, Kathy’s new hearing aids are a huge success. She shares, “I can hear conversations and my family really appreciates not having to repeat themselves.”

Rating York Hearing Clinic a 10/10, Kathy advises others, “Definitely go and talk to Mike and just start with a hearing test.”


Kathy Dalton


Enjoy all the sounds that you are missing

Prior to visiting York Hearing Clinic, Sherri was experiencing a variety of glitches in her hearing.
She recalls, “While working with some young adults in a teaching environment, I noticed I needed to have others repeat what participants were saying.I also thought that my daughter and her new husband were having lots of side conversations that I wasn’t supposed to hear! In the meantime, words on the radio seemed to disappear into lines of ???? and it wasn’t the reception! My son-in-law suggested I get my hearing tested and I was up for the challenge so I could say, ‘See! You are whispering!’”

Although Sherri didn’t have any major concerns, she admits, “It’s always a bit nerve racking to think that there might actually be a reason for the issues that I was having.”

Fortunately, Sherri’s nerves were quickly put to rest. “From the moment I entered their office, I found everyone to be welcoming and friendly. Mike especially took the time to explain everything that was happening and endured my slightly nervous jokes with grace!” she shares. “Mike always seems to be willing to answer any questions I might have…everyone is always so welcoming, patient and knowledgeable!

“Once I got my hearing aids, I discovered all sorts of things that I was missing! The fidget gadgets that I thought were so wonderful and recommended made the most annoying sounds! Crickets hadn’t disappeared off the face of the earth…I just could not hear them.

“Music all of a sudden had clear words again. I still may miss something that my grandkids, with their budding vocabularies, are saying or in noisy environments, but for the most part, I am no longer needing someone to repeat what others have said. I love that I can get my computer audio to play right to my aids so online conversations are so much easier!”

Rating York Hearing Clinic a 9/10, Sherri hopes others will follow in her footsteps and make an appointment. “If anyone is suggesting that you may have a hearing loss, go see the clinicians at York Hearing Clinic!” she says.“It’s free to get tested and you may once again enjoy all the sounds that you are missing…even the noisy crickets…which can be turned off by removing your aids!”




Go for it

Bill was struggling to hear his “soft spoken granddaughter” and he “felt left out of conversations.”

Not wanting to miss out on any further special moments, Bill made an appointment at York Hearing Clinic and considers the team “professional.” He also likes the “very comfortable environment.”

Following a comprehensive hearing assessment, Bill was prescribed hearing aids. He is happy with the results and says his devices have “helped with soft spoken people.”

Rating York Hearing Clinic a 9/10, Bill encourages others, “Go for it.Mike will help you.”


Bill Horgan


A good place to have your hearing checked

Herta first noticed her hearing loss when she was in her late 20s and eventually, she became a patient at York Hearing Clinic. Her main objective? “I just wanted to hear better,” she says.

Reflecting on her experience with York Hearing Clinic, Herta says she’s felt “pretty comfortable” with them, adding, “Over the years, Mike has been very good to me.”

She is grateful for her hearing aids and care she’s received, saying, “It’s still not perfect and at times I still struggle, but it is improving.” Herta adds that Mike and the team are “always very helpful.”

Herta gives York Hearing Clinic a 9/10 rating.




So friendly and welcoming

Hearing loss is often associated with the golden years. But Elizabeth discovered it can happen much earlier than that.

She says, “I was 27 years old. I couldn’t hear my baby cry in the next room. I had a hard time convincing my doctor to refer me to an audiologist, as I was ‘too young’ to have hearing loss, but I felt something was wrong. I had always had problems hearing in crowded rooms. I felt left out of conversations.”

Elizabeth approached York Hearing Clinic as a current hearing aid wearer. “I had already been diagnosed with hearing loss and was wearing hearing aids when I came in,” she says. “York Hearing was friendly and approachable. They explained everything and took my concerns seriously. They communicated with me via email, which was great, as talking on the phone is a challenge for me.”
Hearing aids have had a major impact on Elizabeth’s life. She explains, “When I finally got hearing aids at age 54, I was thrilled. It had been 27 years since I was diagnosed with hearing loss. I have been able to join in conversations that I used to miss. I can hear birds chirping in the trees. I don’t talk loudly anymore (this used to make others uncomfortable). I feel much more a part of things and more confident in my interactions with people.”

Elizabeth rates York Hearing Clinic a 10/10, saying, “I would encourage anyone who has concerns about their hearing to get tested. Even if you do not need hearing aids, you will know more about your hearing and should you continue to have concerns, you have established a relationship with someone trustworthy and knowledgeable. York Hearing was so friendly and welcoming. They made it easy to voice my concerns and get help.”


Elizabeth Saville-McKenzie



Hearing loss devastated Nettie’s world, and she struggled for a long time before seeking help.

“I felt terrible,” Nettie says. “I didn’t know where to turn for years. I knew I was completely deaf in one ear, and I was very worried.”

Upon visiting York Hearing Clinic, Nettie found the help she needed. She says the team was “very professional and helped me feel better about my hearing loss.”

Nettie is thrilled with her new hearing aids. “It made me feel like I had no hearing loss at all. I was so surprised how the hearing aids have helped me so much in life.”

Rating York Hearing Clinic a 10/10, Nettie says she would tell potential patients “to make sure they go.” She adds, “York Hearing Clinic is very good. I can hear again, that’s awesome.”


Nettie Xerri


This is the place to go

Carol became aware of her hearing loss while at work.

She recalls, “I was at a meeting and thought the speaker was talking too quietly. I realized that nobody else was having difficulty to understand. I was unable to participate in the question, period. I realized that the problem was my ability to hear properly.”

Prior to visiting York Hearing Clinic, Carol says, “My two concerns were that hearing aids would be large and unattractive and/or would not work.” In the end, she was relieved to have found “a place and a person who actually listened and was upfront about dealing with my concerns, no matter how minor.” She was especially impressed with “the attention and care given to everyone.”

Now as a hearing aid wearer, Carol shares, “Conversations are so much easier and it is now a pleasure to attend plays, presentations, etc.”

Giving York Hearing Clinic a 10/10 rating, she says, “This is the place to go.You will be received kindly, and all your questions answered. There is great follow-up as well.”


Carol Prolux