Why Choose Us?

The below is not being said to impress you but hopefully to impress upon you why we believe that we’re the right hearing care partners for you if you’re looking to achieve a lifetime of better hearing and prioritize your hearing health.

7 Reasons to Choose York Hearing Clinic

A Track Record For Going “Above & Beyond”

You want a partner that isn’t looking to do the basics but rather obsess over the details to prioritize your long-term hearing health. With a track record of continually going above and beyond, you’ll be partnering with a small, passionate team that understands that they only win when you win.

Trusted by Thousands of Local Families

Improving hearing doesn’t only benefit the individual patient; it also has a positive impact on their loved ones and the people in their lives. Assisting local families and involving them in their loved one’s journey to better hearing is a truly gratifying experience. It strengthens the bond within families as well as helps them reconnect on a deeper level.

Your Hearing Care Partners for the Long Haul

With a young team, you can have the confidence that we’re not going anywhere, and we’ll be the only hearing care partners that you’ll ever need.

With many clinics coming and going, and other chains either selling or regularly rotating staff, you have our promise that we’re here for the long haul for you.

Truly Independent

As a proudly independent practice, we only WIN when you WIN.

This practice is our lives, and you’ll notice this as soon as you attend your first appointment. There is a lot of heart and soul in the way that we do things!

Partner with All Major Manufacturers

One of the benefits of partnering with an independent business is that we’re not tied to a specific manufacturer like some alternative options.

This means that you’re able to benefit from access to hearing technology based on your unique circumstances, needs and budget.

The Latest State-of-the-Art Equipment

Through continually investing in the latest equipment, you can be confident that your level of testing is utilizing the latest equipment and knowledge. This ensures that your tests are as accurate as possible and your treatment plans are focused on helping you to get to the desired outcome as quickly as possible.

Trusted by Local Doctors

With great relationships with many local doctors and medical professionals, York Hearing Clinic is often the team that they refer patients to, seek support from and ask for advice regarding complex hearing challenges.

If we’re good enough for this community’s greatest doctors, our hope is that we’ll always be good enough for you!

The Hearing Healthcare Team at York Hearing Clinic

Your Journey To Better Hearing

The Patient Hearing Journey at York Hearing Clinic

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