Earwax Removal

Earwax, while a natural secretion, can sometimes build up and cause blockages, leading to hearing issues, discomfort, or even infections. At York Hearing Clinic, our dedicated team provides safe and effective earwax removal solutions, ensuring you hear life’s moments in all their clarity.

A Patient Undergoing Earwax (cerumen) removal a York Hearing Clinic.

Signs You Might Need Earwax Removal

Hearing loss or muffled hearing

Tinnitus or ringing in the ears

Earache or discomfort

Vertigo or dizziness

Ear fullness or a sensation that the ear is plugged

The Role of Earwax

Earwax, or cerumen, has essential roles in our ear health:

  • Protecting the ear from dust, debris, and bacteria
  • Lubricating the ear canal, preventing it from becoming dry or itchy
  • Acting as a natural barrier to protect the sensitive eardrum
A Woman Suffering from earwax related symptoms.

Our Gentle and Effective Approach

At York Hearing Clinic, we employ modern methods to ensure a comfortable and thorough earwax removal experience:


A gentle vacuum method that provides precise and clean removal without the need for water or syringing.


A controlled stream of water gently lifts the wax from the ear canal.

Manual Tools

For more complex cases, our experts might use specialized tools for safe extraction.

Why Choose York Hearing Clinic

Expertise Matters

Our trained professionals ensure a gentle and thorough cleaning experience.

Safety First

We employ the latest techniques and tools that prioritize your ear health and comfort.

Comprehensive Evaluation

Before any procedure, we conduct a detailed assessment to determine the best approach for your unique needs.

After-Care Guidance

We provide essential tips and guidance to maintain ear health post-procedure.

Educational Approach

We ensure you understand the procedure, its benefits, and how to care for your ears in the future.

Experience the Difference of Clean Ears

Beyond improving hearing and comfort, regular earwax checks and cleanings can prevent potential issues down the line. Entrust your ear health to the experts.

Book Your Earwax Removal Session

If you’re experiencing any symptoms of excessive earwax or just need a regular checkup, contact our dedicated team at the Newmarket or Aurora location.

Newmarket: (905) 953-9991

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