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About Sivantos:

Sivantos Group is recognized globally for its high-quality and innovative hearing aids, including brands like Siemens, Signia, and Rexton.

As a leading manufacturer of hearing aids, Sivantos consistently delivers exceptional sound quality and pioneering solutions to enhance the auditory experience for individuals with hearing impairments.

Historical Highlights:

  • Sivantos Group has a heritage of contributing to the major advancements in the hearing aid industry
  • Provides continual development and innovation in hearing technology to offer superior hearing solutions
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Sivantos Hearing Aid Services at York Hearing Clinic

Skilled Repair and Maintenance:
At York Hearing Clinic, we provide expert repair and maintenance services for your Sivantos hearing aids so they will continue to work effectively to enhance your hearing experience.

Thorough Assessment:
Our experienced specialists will conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your Sivantos hearing aids, ensuring optimal functionality and performance.

Three Sivantos Hearing Aid Devices

Efficient and Trustworthy Service:
Benefit from our prompt and reliable service at York Hearing Clinic to maintain your Sivantos hearing aids’ optimal working condition.

Clear Warranty Information:
Receive detailed information about the warranty of your Sivantos hearing aids for your peace of mind and continued support.

Patient-Centric Care from York Hearing Clinic

Our commitment at York Hearing Clinic is to ensure your satisfaction and optimal hearing experience, with dedicated support and exceptional care for your Sivantos hearing aid repairs and maintenance.
For additional support or inquiries about Sivantos hearing aid repairs and maintenance, reach out to our devoted team at our Newmarket or Aurora clinic.

Newmarket: (289) 803-3294
Aurora: (289) 802-2692

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