Phonak Hearing Aids

Established as AG für Elektroakustik in 1947 in Switzerland.

Technology Roots:
Rooted in the pioneering innovations of AG für Elektroakustik.

Historical Highlights:

  • Launched Phonak Alpina in 1950, the first portable hearing aid
  • Ernst Rihs took over as the majority shareholder in 1965, renaming the company Phonak AG
  • Introduced Phonak Claro, the group’s first digital hearing aid, in 1999
  • Rebranded as Sonova Holding AG in 2007
  • Received FDA approval in 2008 for Lyric, extended-wear hearing aids
  • Introduced Neptune by Advanced Bionics, the world’s first waterproof and swimmable sound processor for cochlear implant recipients, in 2011
  • In 2016, celebrated the launch of Phonak Audéo B-R, the first mainstream lithium-ion rechargeable hearing aid

Manufacturer’s Warranty: Up to three years

Most Recent Innovations:
AutoSense OS, which employs AI-based machine learning to pinpoint a sound environment and fine-tune your listening profile.

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Processing Technology and Features

Phonak utilizes the PRISM chip for Real-time Intelligent Sound Management, offering doubled memory, extensive connectivity options, and low power consumption.

Phonak offers a wide range of models and wireless accessories for hearing aids. They were pioneers in universal Bluetooth compatibility and extended-wear Lyric hearing aids.

Binaural VoiceStream Technology™ enhances hearing in noisy settings, diminishes wind noise, and bolsters phone conversations.

Their devices also include features like directionality and noise reduction, SoundRecover2, and Speech Enhancer, supported by an ultra-low power motion tri-axial accelerometer.

A Phonak Hearing Aid Device

Additional Key Features:

  • Motion sensor hearing that adjusts microphones to focus on speech direction
  • User-friendly tap control for answering phones and media playback
  • Simultaneous connection to two of up to eight paired Bluetooth devices
  • Dynamic noise cancellation and a speech enhancer for quiet conversations
  • AirStream technology for seamless TV or stereo system integration
  • Phonak PartnerMic™, a lapel-worn microphone for optimal one-to-one conversations in noise
  • The myPhonak app for remote hearing aid adjustments and professional support

Patient-Focused Hearing Aid Services at York Hearing Clinic

Embrace the world of clear sound with Phonak hearing aids, an advanced technology solution to enhance your hearing experience and quality of life.

At York Hearing Clinic, we understand the significance of prescription hearing aids. Rely on us for comprehensive support, including troubleshooting, maintenance, and repair for Phonak and other brands like ReSound, Rexton, and Siemens.

Benefit from the continuous, trustworthy, and personalized care at York Hearing Clinic, ensuring peak performance from your hearing aids for years ahead.

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