Beltone Hearing Aids

Founded in 1940, Beltone has long provided comprehensive hearing care and has established a global presence in hearing aid solutions. The company’s historical commitment to improving the quality of life for those with hearing impairments echoes the mission of York Hearing Clinic.

Historical Highlights:

  • Beltone’s hearing aid developments have consistently met the evolving needs of users, delivering personalization and comfort
  • Pioneers in establishing widespread service centres for easy access to care and maintenance
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Beltone Hearing Aid Services at York Hearing Clinic

Expert Repair Services:
At York Hearing Clinic, rest assured that your Beltone hearing aids are in expert hands. Our professionals are trained to perform comprehensive diagnoses and repairs on Beltone devices, ensuring optimal functionality and performance.

A Belton Hearing Aid Devic

Thorough Diagnosis:
We commence with a meticulous assessment of your Beltone hearing aids to pinpoint any issues and devise an effective resolution plan.

Timely Maintenance:
Avoid further complications by relying on our prompt and efficient hearing aid maintenance services. We ensure your Beltone hearing aids continue to operate seamlessly, enhancing your hearing experience.

Warranty Information:
Learn about the available warranties for your Beltone hearing aids at York Hearing Clinic and safeguard your devices against unexpected issues.

Patient-Focused Hearing Aid Repair at York Hearing Clinic

Trust in the personalized care and attention from York Hearing Clinic for all your Beltone hearing aid repair and maintenance needs. Our dedicated team stands ready to enhance the longevity and performance of your hearing aids, ensuring you continue to enjoy clear and enriched sound.

For all repair and maintenance inquiries for Beltone hearing aids, reach out to our welcoming team in our Newmarket or Aurora clinic.

Newmarket: (289) 803-3294
Aurora: (289) 802-2692

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